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Fail Better Checklist #9:
Share Your Discoveries

Identify project discoveries to share that will benefit your career, your team, your organization, and a wider audience.

1. Hone Your Story

Review your role in the project outcomes and craft a story about what you brought to the project, what you accomplished, and what you've gained and learned in completing the work.

Whether you see your project as a success, a failure, or something in between, you're in the driver's seat when it comes to telling your story. Take ownership of it.

2. Prepare for wider impact

Identify audiences that you may want to reach.

Prioritize the list based on who is likely to find your results relevant and useful.

Determine what is most appropriate to share. Consider process improvements, data collection methods, team habits, key findings, among others. Screen based on three considerations: potential helpfulness, appropriateness for sharing, and ease of sharing.

3. Reach a wider audience by sharing your work:

Make the most of internal archiving and information sharing networks within your organization.

Develop a varied selection of products that capture process and results, not just bottom-line conclusions but how you did your work.

Share results in a way that captures the attention and imagination of the intended audience (storytelling is often one of the most effective ways).

Consider other methods of disseminating: newsletters, blogs, panels, conferences, white papers, staff meetings, and memos, among others. Vary your approach for different learning styles and needs.