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Fail Better Checklist #5:
Take Action

Now that you've prioritized activities, designed tests, and documented your predictions, it's time to implement. Use the following checklist to guide your action.

1. Plan for data

Identify what information will flow from the actions you take. Consider all relevant forms of data at your disposal, from meeting notes to interview summaries to available databases.

Organize the data you collect to make learning easier. Ensure all team members have access to the data. Consider tools, such as shared organizational workspace systems and online options. Check that all team members are on board with the data approach and know their responsibilities.

2. Just do it! Implement your action

Implement your activities in the prioritized way you've identified, integrating the tests you've designed.

Document as you go. Remind the team to remain disciplined in data collection. A little encouragement can go a long way.

Continue to engage in overall project management as you move forward. Keep an eye on work flow, budget, and timeline. Keep in touch with team members and make sure they're communicating with one another as disparate parts of the project are implemented.