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Fail Better Checklist #8:
Enhance Your Practices

Taking into account the quality of your project's four performance dimensions, this checklist will help you identify the practices that contributed to your outcomes. Your goal is to figure out what to change, what to add, and what to retain.

1. Build better team habits

Design a special team meeting to assess team processes.

Review your timeline and scorecard with the team to set the stage.

Working as a team, list the habits or practices to retain and to discard. Identify other practices that could be helpful to try in the future to remedy a negative experience in the current project.

Document the list of retain/ add/ drop/ change items and share it with the team. Determine an action plan for how the team can be accountable to the list.

2. Enhance project methods

Identify specific tools or methods that helped or hindered project results. This may be a test that was particularly illuminating or a way of sharing data.

Determine and document which methods you would like to try again or expand in future projects and which you want to avoid due to their poor outcomes.

3. Update your own management practice

Examine your own experience and personal performance by asking the same questions - what habits and practices did you engage in as manager that should be retained or dropped? Supplement your own reflection with feedback from others.

Select your top priorities by considering what's most needed along with what's most feasible.

Create your own action plan that includes specific steps and a plan for assessing if you've improved in a specific area. Share your action plan with a mentor or trusted peer who can help keep you accountable to your goals.